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So why choose organic snacks for your employees & clients?

There can be some confusion over exactly what organic snacks can mean.  Many varying words are used for snacks, such as, organic, bio, eco-friendly and sustainable.  The traditional snack industry has started to realise that consumers are increasingly concerned about what they are eating and what is in their food.

Rather than clarifying things for the consumer things can seem like a minefield.  Clever marketing techniques tell us that their snacks are healthy, sugar-free and fat-free.  However, this often hides that those ingredients are replaced by sometimes damaging artificial sweeteners or ultra refined fats.

Thankfully, if we choose organic snack boxes, we can be assured that organic snacks have certificates that guarantee that the ingredients are regulated by organic food bodies.  For a product to be able to carry the EU Organic Logo the food producers are obliged by law to meet strict conditions.

eu organic snacks logo

So what are the advantages of an organic snack as compared to an industrial snack?


Many scientific studies regarding organic food  highlight the benefits of organic food’s antioxidant capacity that is reduced with artificial chemicals in the production of industrial snacks. This means that you get more of the natural benefits from organic snacks such as their vitamins, minerals, and organic compounds.

Pesticide Free

One of the major advantages of choosing organic snacks is the lack of chemical pesticides. Pesticides are used to keep crops bug free but also transfer chemicals, like, organophosphorus, to our organism. These chemicals are linked to development problems.

GM Free

Genetically modified food in animals is shown to reduce the immune system and whilst there is still no conclusive evidence of the same in humans, it makes sense to avoid them when we can.

Organic Fertilisers

Organic snacks do not contain artificial fertilizers and therefore eliminate the risk of these chemicals transferring to our bodies.

So why should I choose organic snack boxes for my employees?

All companies know that our employees are the bedrock of our business. And of course, their health and wellbeing is paramount to our success. We wouldn’t gift our employees cigarettes because we know the detrimental health impacts. Snack boxes are a great way to treat your staff so make the right choice and send them a healthy organic snack option.