The Box that Makes you Smile


At Haappi we are guided by the principles of the 3ps approach to sustainable development. Find out more about those values below.


People are the first P. 

Sustainable development means managing our food supply efficiently. This means providing everyone with affordable and healthy foods, whilst reducing food waste. 

Sustainable development also refers to people’s working life.  For a happy, healthy and productive people it’s essential for employees to provide a good work-life balance and to promote employment wellbeing.  Companies can do this in many ways including proving their staff work-life benefits, such as, helping people to make healthy choices about what they do and eat (see our sustainable snack boxes here), by providing flexible childcare, flexible hours etc.

On a wider level sustainable development is about companies contributing to the local community in which they operate.  Here at Haappi we contribute 1% of our profits to local charities. 

sostenibilidad de haappi box
haappi box values


Planet is the second P. 

Every business should look at  their supply chains and see where their partners and suppliers affect the environment.  

At Haappi we use sustainable packaging for our snack boxes and corporate gifting.  We source organic, sustainable suppliers for boxes.


Of course a business needs to make a profit to be able to operate.   Profit of course can mean financial gain but also means a company offers something of value.  At Haappi we believe that profit shouldn’t come by neglecting the environment, people or social issues in your community.