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About us

Our Foodie Journey

The idea for Haappi Box came from a long journey involved with food in our personal lives and business life.  From seitan sandwiches in packed lunch boxes at school (when seitan wasn’t a ‘thing’) to setting up our company Tasting Experiences for businesses.

The Birth of Haappi Box

On a food business level we have owned and run restaurants and have always been passionate about quality food.  At the start of the COVID pandemic we also set up a food tasting website, Tasting IN, for businesses.  We have organised hundreds of corporate tastings of wine, chocolate, cheese, beer and ham.

For us food is more than just a necessity.  It is an experience to be enjoyed and savoured.  Through Tasting IN we have been lucky enough to share the story behind food and highlight the passion of its producers and experts.  We have shared food culture all around the world.

We work with companies of all sizes and more and more we started to notice a change in the corporate values of some of the larger companies we work with.   The change in their employees’ values were changing.  There were more vegans, more environmentally aware decision makers and this drove a demand for more organic, vegetarian and eco-friendly options.  

These values chimed perfectly with our personal beliefs and we launched Haappi Box under the umbrella of our parent company Tasting Experiences.

Our mission is to bring high quality organic snack options to the office and to remote teams.  As well as providing ethical, eco-friendly options for gifts for employees and clients.

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haappi box co-founders

A Family Run Company

Haappi Box was founded by Giorgia & Danny (Giorgia’s the one who was given seitan sandwiches in her pack lunch as a kid).  

Danny has worked on many ecommerce projects from everything from amazingly interesting lawnmowers, paint and caravans.  But nowadays he’s much happier working with good quality food products.  Danny is originally from the UK and moved to Spain in 1997 and has many anecdotes to tell about being a vegetarian in what was a very carnivorous country.  Back in the day he was often asked why he couldn’t eat Iberian ham as they only ate acorns.  Thankfully things have changed in a big way. 

Giorgia was brought up in Italy and like all good Italians is as passionate about food as Danny is about the weather.  Giorgia’s family were ahead of the loop and Giorgia was brought up eating many organic alternative produce.  This probably explains her love for blended tofu & lemon juice (something she’s still not managed to convince Danny on)

Giorgia & Danny met in the south of Spain and have worked solely and jointly on diverse projects and businesses.  Such as, a cultural & arts centre, restaurants in La Rioja, refugee support programmes, Tasting IN & a glamping site on the Mull of Kintyre, Scotland.  And have picked up a couple of prizes along the way such a finalists of The Food and Leisure Entrepreneur prize in 2020 by CETT & selected for the Discoveries accelerator in Lisbon 2021.